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08 July

Disparity, Dysphoria, and Deadnaming: Addressing the Health Care Gap for Trans Men

Category: Gender Health, LGBT, OB/GYN & Maternity

According to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, only 29 percent of providers were comfortable providing a cervical cancer screening to a transgender man. Eleven percent flat-out refused. Legacy aims to tackle the disparity. By Barrett White   Accessing health care can sometimes feel like an uphill battle regardless of who…

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27 June

Today is National HIV Testing Day. Do you know your status?

Category: Advocacy, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Health

Eliminating the stigma begins with knowing your status. By Barrett White   Today, health care providers throughout the nation are highlighting the importance of HIV prevention and the end of HIV stigma. On average, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there are nearly 40,000 new HIV transmissions every year, with the highest rates…

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18 June

Build Your Body: Legacy’s Felicia Lee-Sexton on Building Confidence

Category: Adult Primary Care, Advocacy, Exercise, LGBT, Uncategorized

People living with HIV may find it difficult to keep muscle mass. Transgender individuals often look to build a physique to match their gender. Enter Legacy’s Body Positive program. By Barrett White   For those living with HIV and struggling with wasting, or those in transition who are looking to form their bodies to match…

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12 June

Houston and Beaumont Celebrate 50 Years of the Modern LGBTQ Movement

Category: Advocacy, Community Engagement, LGBT, Public Affairs

It’s been 50 years since the birth of the modern LGBTQ liberation movement. How two cities—one that has celebrated Pride for five years, and one for over forty—are showing up for equality. By Barrett White   Incredibly, it’s been 50 years since the modern movement toward LGBTQ rights was kicked off at the Stonewall Inn…

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04 June

Honoring the community on National Long-Term Survivors Day

Category: Advocacy, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Health

June 5 is National Long-Term Survivors Day. Many of those who survived the height of the AIDS crisis are aging, and what that can mean for HIV treatment. By Barrett White   When the virus first struck the United States, it was considered fatal. Just before the crisis began, Montrose Clinic—what Legacy was known as…

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21 May

Lessons learned along the journey from discovery to recovery

Category: Adult Primary Care, Exercise, LGBT

Legacy Community Health’s Wellness Manager Felicia Lee-Sexton overcame a cocaine addiction to become a world-renowned fitness expert and award-winning body builder. Now she utilizes her experience to help Legacy patients with diabetes, eating disorders, HIV and gender care needs at our Body Positive Wellness Center—a free service for our patients. If you’re a Legacy patient…

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17 May

What is the Banyan Tree Project?

Category: Advocacy, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Health

May 19 is National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. By Barrett White   In 2005, we celebrated the first Asian and Pacific Islander HIV Awareness Day. The effort was spearheaded by a group in California, API Wellness. The faces of the AIDS crisis were predominantly White gay men, and presently, the most at-risk…

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09 April

The 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference: What We Learned, Part 2

Category: Advocacy, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Affairs, Public Health

On day two of the conference, experts in their fields debated the cost-effectiveness of PrEP. How did they come to their conclusions, and how can states leverage that cost without the patients paying the price?   By Barrett White According to the CDC’s website, PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a medication regimen that “when taken…

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25 March

The 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference: What We Learned, Part I

Category: HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Affairs, Public Health

By Barrett White Over the past week, the CDC hosted the annual National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta. At the podium were familiar faces such as Drs. Anthony Fauci, David Malebranche and the director of the CDC, Bob Redfield. Over the course of the conference, panelists tackled tough topics like HIV stigma, PrEP access for…

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15 March

Even though two people have been recently declared in remission of HIV, there is no cure. Yet.

Category: HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Health

By Barrett White Last week, two people living with HIV went into long-term remission following a bone marrow transplant. Long-term remission means that they have not been completely cured of the virus, but there is a very little chance that it will come back. The patients’ bone marrow transplants were intended to treat cancer diagnoses,…

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