21 September

New Survey Reveals How Texans Feel About Health Care

Category: Adult Primary Care, Advocacy, Behavioral Health Services, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Public Affairs, Public Health

By India Ogazi This week, Texas Medical Center released results of their “Nation’s Pulse” health care survey, which showed most consumers feel health insurance is important yet too expensive. The reports says: Sixty-one percent of Texans pay more out-of-pocket for health care versus two years ago – more than any other state More than 6…

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21 September

People need to take the Graham-Cassidy bill seriously

Category: Advocacy, Public Affairs

By James Lee, Public Affairs Associate Earlier this week, another effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was introduced in the U.S. Senate. The Graham-Cassidy bill decimates Medicaid, which millions of pregnant women, children, elderly, and the disabled rely on for their health needs. The bill would also allow health insurers to charge people higher premiums…

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Post-Harvey Health
11 September

6 Ways to Protect Your Health after Harvey

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Family Medicine, Public Health

Repairing your home and returning to your normal routine can place a toll on your body and mind. To stay healthy after Harvey, Dr. Ann Barnes, Legacy Community Health’s chief medical officer, offers the following tips.

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Houston Health Care Harvey Heroes
07 September

Houston’s Health Care Heroes During Harvey

Category: Adult Primary Care, Giving, Public Health

In the midst of Harvey, one of the worst disasters in U.S. history, Houston’s medical community rose above the storm to bring healing. It’s not surprising since Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world, the Texas Medical Center — world renowned for its superior patient care.

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Hurricane Harvey Relief
01 September

HIV-Related Services Following Hurricane Harvey

Category: HIV/STD Screening & Treatment

By: Venita Ray, Public Policy Manager Legacy is here to ensure that the entire community has access to uninterrupted care and treatment after Hurricane Harvey, including people living with HIV. “If you have lost your HIV meds in the flood, we’re here to help you,” said Legacy’s Dr. Natalie Vanek. “What’s vital is you stay…

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Hurricane Harvey Relief
29 August

Psychological Impact Following Hurricane Harvey

Category: Behavioral Health Services

Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey can lead to significant stress and anxiety. Many of us will experience a wide range of emotions, whether we’re directly impacted by the loss of a loved one or a home, or indirectly by experiencing such a tragedy hitting our great city.

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flooded streets
24 August

Staying Healthy in the Storm: Preparing for Hurricane Harvey

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, Pediatrics

Follow this check list to make sure you stay healthy in the storm.

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American Cancer Society
17 August

American Cancer Society presents distinguished award to Legacy, a “pillar of the community”

Category: Adult Primary Care

By Kevin Nix, Senior Director of Communications This morning, the American Cancer Society presented its National Partnership Award to Legacy Community Health for its work on colorectal cancer prevention. Legacy and the American Cancer Society came together three years ago to begin a cancer prevention initiative, which helped cover the cost of a simple and…

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16 August

Legacy is the 2017 beneficiary of the Gay 10K

Category: Uncategorized

This year Legacy is proud to be the beneficiary of the race, which means a portion of the proceeds will help fuel the programs and services the community has relied upon for nearly 40 years.

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Consoling Child
15 August

After Charlottesville, how do you talk to your kids about tragedy?

Category: Behavioral Health Services, Pediatrics

What you tell your kids depends on their age, but generally here’s what Roma Bhatt, director of therapy services at Legacy had to say.

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