Legacy's Little Readers

At Legacy, we believe kids should be healthy in body and mind, and our pediatric providers are treating both when our youngest patients (newborn to 12-years-old) come in for well-child visits. In addition to the physical checkup, families leave with a free book and a “prescription to read.” We’re doing this through Legacy’s Little Readers.

Reading and talking with young children from birth builds new connections in the brain, stimulating early language learning and instilling their motivation to learn. Through Little Readers, Legacy has given away more than 157,000 free books to infants and youngsters during their well-child visits.


Legacy’s Little Readers is an entirely donor supported program, which means we rely on your generosity to keep this important initiative alive. That’s why we’re hosting the first-ever Legacy’s Little Readers Giving Day on May 20th. Our goal is $50,000 raised to purchase 20,000 books. Share your love of reading and open new worlds as a Little Readers Champion!