Dental Care (Pediatric & adult)

Dental Services are offered at the following locations:


In addition, Legacy also offers school-based dental services bringing our same level of care to the Galena Park ISD community, making it easier for students and their siblings to get the dental services they need – and more convenient for parents who can’t otherwise get to the clinic.

Our Pediatric and Adult Dental Services include:

  • Children’s dentistry – first dental appointments (recommended at 6 months old) and routine children’s dentistry
  • Dental cleanings – professional dental cleanings which are recommended at least twice a year for adults and children to improve oral health,
  • Dental examinations – a general evaluation of your oral health, hygiene, and risks
  • Dental extractions – procedure to remove badly decayed or infected teeth
  • Dental screenings– procedures that can help identify larger health concerns like oral cancer, diabetes, and HIV
  • Fillings– finding and repairing cavities to prevent further tooth decay
  • Urgent care– treating emergencies ranging from extreme toothaches to cracked molars

At Legacy, we believe that a great smile can truly brighten the entire community. And our Dental Services are designed to put a big, happy, healthy one on every face in the neighborhood.

We offer routine general dentistry for children and adults that is designed to diagnose, treat, manage, and monitor your oral health. But beyond that, we understand there’s a link between taking care of your teeth and taking care of your body, and we have the technologies, experience, and skills to help detect a range of conditions that can affect your general well-being.