Providing worthwhile volunteer, social, and professional development experiences for young professionals seeking an affiliation with a community–based health care organization.

Young Leaders of Legacy (YLOL) is a group of young professionals in Greater Houston and Southeast Texas that encourages social philanthropy for emerging leaders who are committed to driving healthy change in their communities. Members learn about non-profit organization management, widen their professional network, and gain a greater appreciation for community and service.

Young Leaders of Legacy collaborate with one of the largest and most successful community health centers in Texas. Other membership benefits:

  • Social and networking opportunities to connect with like-minded advocates and young professionals
  • Professional development through lunch and learns with Legacy management, lectures, and meetings
  • Learning about community health care by representing Legacy and the people we serve
  • Project management experience through an annual crowdfunding initiative sponsored by YLOL

YLOL is geared toward individuals from 21 to 35 years old. However, all ages are welcome. Annual dues are $75 for an individual membership and $125 for a two-person account.