Legacy Employee Assistance Fund (LEAF)

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Natural disasters have become increasingly common in Southeast Texas, often leaving a profound impact on the areas served by Legacy Community Health. Many of our fellow employees in Houston, Baytown, Beaumont, and Deer Park have faced the heartbreaking loss of their homes, vehicles, property, and, tragically, sometimes even their loved ones during these trying times. They need our support to rebuild their lives.

The Legacy Employee Assistance Fund (LEAF) provides financial assistance to our active employees who have been affected by these catastrophic events. LEAF offers support to those who have:

  • Lost their primary residence or been temporarily displaced due to catastrophic events.
  • Experienced significant property damage as a result of flooding, fire, or other disasters.
  • Lost their primary automobile or vehicle.

We invite our external partners, donors, and friends of Legacy Community Health to join us in making a positive impact during these challenging times. Your contribution to LEAF can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our colleagues and neighbors who are facing adversity.

(For Legacy employees seeking more information about LEAF, how to apply for assistance, or make a payroll deduction, please visit our internal LEAF SharePoint page.)