Legacy Pediatrics Getting Kids to Sleep
20 September

What to Do When Your Child Won’t Sleep

Category: Behavioral Health Services, Family Medicine, Pediatrics

By Roma Bhatt, Director of Therapy Services If you are a parent then you are well aware of how challenging it can be to get your children to go to sleep at night! Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help your little ones get the Zzz’s they need. Set an individualized bedtime and…

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MHM-Managing Kids Anger
17 September

Managing Your Kids’ Anger: Remember the “Rose” and “Thorn”

Category: Behavioral Health Services, Health News, Mental Health Mondays, Pediatrics

When you hear the term anger management it can conjure up visions of adults who are unable to control their emotions. But children can struggle with explosive behavior as much as adults.

Managing emotions is an important key skill for kids to learn. The adults in a child’s life are their greatest teachers because role modeling is a powerful teaching tool. When adults manage emotions in healthy ways it teaches children to do the same.

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Most Googled Health Disorders
12 September

ADHD, syphilis and AIDS are most googled health searches in U.S.

Category: Family Medicine, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, Pediatrics

What medical concern has Texans turning to the internet for answers? That would be Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Because of Google, there is a wealth of information – some good, some not-so-good – on whatever ailment you may have. Medical Health Plans—a site devoted to researching consumer health insurance—put together a list of the most searched health conditions in each state.

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MHM-The Pet Effect
10 September

Mental Health Mondays: The Pet Effect

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Exercise, Family Medicine, Health News, Mental Health Mondays, Pediatrics

After a long day at work, nothing compares to the joyful feeling of coming home to your dog or cat. But the love of a furry friend can do more than just provide company. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, owning a pet is good for your overall health.

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prostate cancer awareness
06 September

September is Prostate Health Month—Are You Prepared?

Category: Adult Primary Care

As men approach their 50th birthday, the dreaded landmark looms ahead: The prostate exam. The exam might be the butt of plenty of jokes for middle-aged men, the importance of it is no laughing matter.

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06 September

Big Week in Health Care if You Have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Category: Health News, Public Affairs

The Affordable Care Act, despite its flaws, has provided millions of Americans who have a pre-existing medical condition like cancer, asthma, or Alzheimer’s insurance coverage. But there’s a question as to whether those insurance protections will continue.

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04 September

Legacy’s CEO Recognized as Outstanding Houston Business Leader in Health Care

Category: Advocacy, Public Affairs

This year Katy Caldwell, Legacy’s CEO, was named among a select few outstanding leaders in health care.

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30 August

New Report: Most Maternal Deaths Preventable

Category: Gender Health, Health News, OB/GYN & Maternity

By Barrett White A new report by the State of Texas has found that most maternal deaths could have been prevented with proper health care intervention. What the data says: The report, released Monday, states that nearly 80% of pregnancy-related deaths could have been prevented in 2012, the year in which the maternal mortality rates…

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MHM-Sleep and Mental Health (1)
27 August

Mental Health Mondays: Hurricane Harvey One Year Later

Category: Family Medicine, Mental Health Mondays, Public Health

By Carolina Boyd Hurricane Harvey was deeply traumatizing for those who lived through the monster storm.  The National Hurricane Center estimates Harvey caused $125 billion in damages, but the human cost is still being calculated. A year later, many have moved on and rebuilt both their homes and lives while others are still struggling with…

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24 August

Telemedicine Expected to Bring Ease of Care

Category: Adult Primary Care, Pediatrics

By Barrett White Anything you could possibly want can be obtained at the push of a button these days. In an age where digital gratification has permeated nearly every market, why not health care? You can order food from your phone, check your bank statements,  and video chat with friends and family across the globe….

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