Cold and flu Bear
15 February

Visit our Pediatric Walk-in Clinic at Legacy Southwest

Category: Pediatrics

By Carolina Boyd When your child is sick, you want them to see a health care provider as soon as possible. That’s why the Legacy Southwest Pediatric Walk-in Clinic is open seven days a week, early mornings and late evenings too! The walk-in clinic treats the following conditions for newborns to 18 years of age:…

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Get to know your Legacy Community Pharmacist
14 February

Get to know your Legacy community pharmacist

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Pharmacy

At Legacy, our pharmacists pick up a patient’s care where the doctor left off. Beyond filling prescriptions, they ensure people adhere to their medications, and do so safely. They provide blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, immunizations and one-on-one medication therapy counseling. Most importantly, our pharmacists strive to provide personalized care to everyone who walks…

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More of what to expect from newborn
13 February

More of what you can expect with a newborn

Category: Health News, Pediatrics

The first weeks following the birth of a baby brings a lot of adjustments and questions for parents.  We continue our look at what to expect as your newborn transitions from life in the womb to the world outside. Umbilical Cord Your baby’s umbilical cord stump usually falls out within the two weeks after birth….

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End HIV Red Ribbon Logo
07 February

Today is Black HIV Awareness Day. Do you know your status?

Category: Health News, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, Public Health

By Barrett White “I don’t have HIV, I’m not gay,” said Kalvin Marshall, in disbelief, at learning he was living with HIV. But he was and so was his wife Eunice. The Marshalls are members of Positive Organizing Project (POP+), an advocacy training program designed by and for people living with HIV/AIDS. They were given…

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06 February

Legacy Community Health encourages measles vaccination

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, Health News, Pediatrics, Vaccination & Immunization

Legacy Community Health, Texas’ largest community health system with 34 clinics, today encouraged parents to vaccinate their children against measles and to watch for signs or symptoms of measles infection. Five cases of the virus have been confirmed this week in Harris and surrounding counties. “Measles is an extremely contagious disease but is preventable with…

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What to expect with a Newborn
06 February

What to expect with a newborn

Category: Family Medicine, OB/GYN & Maternity, Pediatrics

During the first few weeks as a parent, you might question whether certain features or symptoms in your newborn seem normal. Many are a natural part of the transition from birth as your newborn gets used to life in the outside world. Learn more about some common signs below. Your baby’s skin You might notice…

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Women Wellness Exam (2)
30 January

The importance of the well-woman exam

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, OB/GYN & Maternity

By Dr. Vian Nguyen, Medical Director—OB/GYN We all know how important exercise and diet are when it comes to living a healthy life. However, many of us forget the role of regular check-ups in staying healthy. For women, that means a well-woman exam. A general well-woman exam gives women an opportunity to discuss their reproductive…

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Health Pregnancy Habits
23 January

Healthy Habits to Develop During Early Pregnancy

Category: Health News, OB/GYN & Maternity

Watching your diet, exercising and drinking lots of water are good health habits for everyone to develop.  However, if you are pregnant it is especially important to focus on caring for yourself and your baby. We have five healthy habit reminders that may be helpful for expectant moms, especially during early pregnancy. Discontinue harmful habits….

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2019 Flu Season
17 January

Flu is on the rise in Houston. Are you prepared?

Category: Health News, Vaccination & Immunization

An expected increase in flu activity across Houston is a reminder that it’s we should all be vigilant in protecting ourselves against the disease. According to the Houston Health Department, which monitors 42 Houston area hospitals, flu activity is expected to increase over the next few weeks. Typically, the flu season peaks between the months…

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Sleeping Baby
16 January

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Category: Family Medicine, OB/GYN & Maternity, Pediatrics

A baby’s sleep needs change as he or she grows. Newborns sleep about 16 hours a day, usually 3 to 4 hours at a time. Don’t be surprised if your baby can only stay awake for an hour or two. Over time, his or her body gets into a sleep pattern and will start sleeping longer. …

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