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New Amendment Gives License for Pharmacists to Refuse Service Based on Religious Beliefs

HOUSTON – State Rep. Matt Krause, R-Ft. Worth, has written an amendment to the Pharmacy Sunset bill (HB 2561) that would allow pharmacists to refuse filling patient prescriptions based on their religious beliefs. This means patients needing any medication may actually not get the medication prescribed by their doctor.  Yesterday, the amendment passed the Texas House with 139 ayes. HB 2561 moves onto the Senate.

“This amendment violates the entire foundation that health care is built around: access to care,” said Katy Caldwell, CEO of Legacy Community Health. “I’m not sure how we can make sick people healthy if they can get turned away at the pharmacy counter. We’re entering into dangerous territory when cutting off access to medications for cancer, HIV, mental health – you name it –becomes a political football.”


Legacy Community Health, a not-for-profit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), provides comprehensive care to over 150,000 community members, regardless of their ability to pay, at 22 clinics in Southeast Texas. The agency provides adult primary care, HIV/AIDS care, pediatrics, OB/GYN and maternity, dental, vision and behavioral health.