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Poema S.

2022 & 2023 Teen Health Ambassador Advisory Committee and Intern

My name is Poema. I have been interning at Legacy Community Health for the past couple of years. At Legacy, I have learned a lot about working in a professional environment and how to research effectively. My supervisor, Jess Ferdinand, has created a collaborative space where we interns work with Legacy employees to maximize the effectiveness of our research. We benefit from the expertise and knowledge of these professionals who impart valuable wisdom about what it means to be a professional in a corporate environment. Simultaneously, I research topics that have always interested me. Not only am I getting invaluable experience at Legacy, but I am also allowed a voice in how healthcare impacts teenagers. In August 2023, I began my college career studying political science at Rice University after which I plan to get my law degree. I would love to work in public policy or government to learn about lawmaking in the US.