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Zoe W.

Teen Health Ambassador Advisory Committee & Community Bridges Fellow with Rice University

My name is Zoe, and my journey with Legacy began in Spring 2023 as a Community Bridges Fellow with Rice University. Throughout the semester, I screened underserved patients for social determinants of health, which encompasses areas such as food insecurity, housing instability, transportation barriers, and financial vulnerability, and developed personalized referrals to connect these individuals with nearby resources. Alongside this, I conducted an independent research project to identify ways to streamline the TeenWell Approach—focusing on ways to mitigate the transition barriers and providing sufficient support to patients transitioning from youth to adult care. Through my involvement in these avenues with Legacy, I have not only gained significant insights from my colleagues but also share their enthusiasm for empowering Legacy patients. This enthusiasm continues as I work directly with patients to best address their healthcare needs. As an aspiring physician, my experience here has tremendously shaped my view of the healthcare landscape and ways I want to advocate for patients.