PrEP for Individuals

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HIV positive diagnoses are on the rise. Now there’s PrEP, a daily medication that helps prevent the spread and transmission of HIV. It’s time to take action. It’s time to own your health with PrEP.


What is PrEP?

  • PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is used in combination with other safer sex practices to reduce the risk of sexually acquired HIV in high-risk adults.

Background on PrEP

What does getting PrEPped require?

  • You’d need to have labs drawn, insurance verified OR get health care financial assistance through Legacy’s eligibility department. Then, you’ll attend an appointment with a medical provider and fill your prescription for PrEP.
  • A HIV test is required every 3 months in order to remain on the regimen.
  • You’ll need to attend scheduled doctors appointments to remain on the regimen.
  • You’ll have to OWN IT, and remember it’s your responsibility to ensure PrEP prescription refills are filled in a timely manner.

Is PrEP right for me?

What else should I do to stay PrEPped?

  • Be aware that adherence to PrEP is important, and taking the prescribed medication every day as directed is an important component of PrEP.
  • Practicing safer sex and using condoms is important, because PrEP does not protect against sexually transmitted infections or prevent pregnancy.


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