Many conditions that are common to older patients, those aged 65 years and above, are often overlooked by clinicians who are not trained to care of seniors. Older adults should consult a Geriatrician for good preventive health, and to detect and treat diseases and disabilities typically found in older adults.

Legacy Geriatricians provide a wide variety of services, including new patient consultations, annual wellness exams, and linking patients and caregivers to resources and support. Geriatric services are currently offered at Legacy’s Fifth Ward, Northline, and San Jacinto clinics.


Our geriatricians are experts at providing care for:

Annual Exams for Seniors

Chronic disease management (e.g., arthritis, diabetes and heart disease)


Difficulties with Personal Care/Managing at Home

Falls/Difficulties with Walking



Unexpected Weight Loss

Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia


Changes in Mood or Behavior


Memory Problems

Medication Management

End of Life Planning

What can I expect during a visit with a Geriatrician?

Since seniors often have complicated health issues, visits with our Geriatricians allow ample time to address each issue, create a treatment plan, and determine how to manage chronic illnesses, such as arthritis and diabetes. New patients receive a comprehensive assessment of their physical health, functional ability, and cognition and mental health. We also review immunization status, and any prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and supplements a patient is taking.


What other types of Providers are available to seniors and families at Legacy?

Legacy Geriatricians also works closely with our Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Patient Educators, Social Workers, and other specialists such as Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Pharmacists and Psychiatrists/Psychologists to ensure we are treating the whole patient for optimal health and quality of life.