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Shepherd G.

Teen Health Ambassador

My name is Shepherd. I am a senior in high school and I want to further my education in college by studying Kinesiology. Kinesiology will allow me to delve deeper into fitness and learn more about how the human body can rehabilitate and improve through movement and nutrition.  After I graduate, my desire is to attend Physician’s Assistant (PA) school. As a PA, I could share my knowledge and expertise, specifically helping underserved populations and the younger community.

I am an avid runner, meaning that nutrition and rehab have played a critical role in my life and running career. You have to fuel your body not only for a race, but for everyday activities, and once you achieve this, your body reaches its peak performance, which is truly a gift in itself. I want to empower others to feel better about themselves by helping them understand what to eat; enriching their minds, and giving them energy to safeguard their health.

I am honored to be chosen as a Teen Health Ambassador and I look forward to sharing my journey with nutrition and sports with you.