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How to Talk to Teachers

Not everyone is comfortable talking to their teachers. However, teachers are a really important part of our lives and are there to help us succeed. We hope by reading this post, you’ll gain comfort in being able to talk to your teachers and benefit even more from their knowledge. 

by Poema S., TeenWell Ambassador

Teachers are people of authority and that can make it scary to talk to them. However, teachers are there to not only teach, but to listen, coach and mentor their students. Teachers know that if you feel comfortable in the classroom, you are more likely to learn better and engage in the class itself. So while they may seem scare, if you make an attempt to build a relationship with them, it won’t seem so scary. 

You may talk to your teacher for several different reasons. You may need extra help, or to talk about a certain assignment or to go over something you missed.

Show that you care. Most teachers love to learn, and want you to love to learn also. That may be why they work in education. When you approach your teachers, make it clear to them that you care about your learning. You are showing that you care enough about what they are teaching and your education.

Schedule time with them and be clear about your goal. If a teacher feels like you are making an effort for them, they will make time for you.

Be respectful. Teaching is a very demanding profession. If you show that you respect them as professionals, and that you are serious about your learning, they are bound to appreciate you and your efforts in class.


While good teachers are expected to be there for their student’s educational needs, it is possible to run across teachers who are not available to help. If this happens, it is important not to take it personally, but to put a plan in place to get the help you need.

If you can’t talk to your teacher directly about your needs, find someone to whom you can talk. If you know one of your friends has a great teacher, see if you can talk to them. If you have a different teacher who is available to talk, they would also be a good option.

Your school counselor is always a good resource. The school counselor is a good person to talk to and can provide advice on getting the help  you need. They may be able to point you in the direction of another student or teacher who would be willing to help you.

Remember, you must advocate for yourself. Learning is one of the most important ways to get ahead in life and if you know there is an area you struggle in, be tenacious when dealing with it. You got this!

Peer pressure is real. We can often feel like the people around us are passing judgment on our actions and that can lead to us not wanting to continue them. This is normal. If you feel like you would be judged for spending extra time with a teacher, you must outweigh the long-term factors. 

It can be scary to feel like people are watching you or judging you, but you are your own best friend and your education is ultimately more important than what other people think.

Additionally, you may want to reevaluate your morals or the morals of your friends if you think your popularity is more important than understanding something at school.