Driving healthy change in our communities.


Connecting our communities to health every day, in every way.


Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege
We believe that comprehensive health care is a human right. Legacy’s services and programs are open to all who need us, regardless of the ability to pay, without judgment or exception.

Devotion To Our Communities

We continue to build our legacy on a solid foundation by learning from our communities, embracing the people in them, and serving their unique needs. Especially when no one else will.

Leading The Charge

We address issues others shy away from. Not because it’s easy or popular, but because it’s the right thing to do. The Legacy team possesses unwavering courage and serves as a visionary catalyst for sustainably healthy communities.

Active Stewardship of Resources

We carefully manage our available resources, in order to deliver on our promise of driving healthy change. We remain grounded in responsible decision making for sustainable operations, putting every asset where it can do the most good for the community