Experts Available for Speaking Engagements or Interviews

Legacy is proud to offer medical and business experts available for media interviews, conferences, and other external community needs. If you would like to schedule an interview with a particular expert or about a specific issue, you can reach out to the Media Contacts listed on the right.

Please note: Requests for particular experts will be fulfilled if schedules allow; otherwise, we will make every attempt to offer another expert in the same or similar field.

We are happy to accommodate speaking requests or interviews in languages other than English as some experts below are multilingual. Spanish speakers are marked with an asterisk(*).


Kevin Aloysius, he/him
Pharmacist, PrEP Coordinator

Jamie Kim, she/her
Vice President, Pharmacy Services

Public Health

Sean Barrett, he/him
Registered Dietitian

William Lyons, he/him
Sr. Manager of SDOH Programs, Social Services

Felicia Sexton White, she/her
Wellness Manager

Population Health

Dr. Vernicka Sales, she/her
Chief of Population Health & Legacy Performance Services

Latonia Walker, she/her
Sr. VP of Care Management, Population Health

Gender Health & Wellness

Dr. Pamela St. Amand, she/her
Physician, OB/GYN


Legacy Public Affairs Hotline
(832) 299 5228


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