Next Step

Next Step© is a confidential, 5-hour one-on-one education program designed for persons newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. By educating people about the disease, Next Step© empowers HIV-positive persons to stay healthy and make smart decisions about their medical care.

Workshop topics include:

  • Basics of HIV infection/definitions of HIV and AIDS
  • Stress management and nutrition
  • Disclosing HIV status to family and friends
  • Illustrated demonstration of how HIV reproduces in the body & how anti-viral medications work against it
  • Discussion of currently approved medical treatments
  • Referrals to local community services, including treatment, support groups, case management and more
  • Discussion of safer sex practices

Legacy welcomes the participant’s friends, family, or spouse/partner to attend along with the participant.

To sign up for an upcoming workshop, contact the Next Step© Coordinator at 281-628-2002.

This service is free to any HIV-positive person.