Emerging Leaders Pathway

An opportunity for leadership development for highly motivated clinicians who are identified for the program. During monthly group meetings the group engages in fun and dynamic ways of developing leadership skills customized for clinician leaders. 

Spanish Immersion

A six- to nine-month course developed for both beginners and intermediate learners of the Spanish language.

CME through

  • In-house CME is provided in partnership with a local academic institution. 
  • Opportunities to fulfill specialized CME credits such as Medical Ethics and Opioid Education.
  • CME time and funds permitted to further develop areas of interest instead of only satisfying required elements of licensure.
  • CME specific to specialty
    • CME funds: $4000 for physicians and $3500 for advanced practice practitioners
    • CME hours: 40 hours for physicians and X hours for advanced practice practitioners
    • L.I.G.H.T. CME

Efficient Practice Environment

Regular opportunities for training and for giving and receiving input for practice improvement:

  • Committees: Quality, Operations, Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Continued Learning Series

  • Patient Safety Committee

  • Provider Advisory Group

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Commitment to Wellness

Continuous check-ins and measurement of Provider Well-Being through the Well-Being Index, as well as opportunities to give feedback on the Provider wellness program:

  • Wellness Committee

  • Wellness Data for Legacy Providers 2022

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Leadership & Professional Development

Career ladder opportunities and pathways for personal and professional growth:

  • CME

  • Emerging Leaders Pathway

  • Spanish Immersion

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Teamwork & Support

Infrastructure that supports Provider needs in real time with opportunities for 1:1 coaching—plus  opportunities for connecting with colleagues outside of work:

  • “Ask a Provider”

  • Legacy Lifelines

  • LIGHT – Leaders Inspiring Growth Heart and Transformation

  • Medical Leadership Structure

  • Peer Coaching

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Clinical Guiding Principles

A clearly defined Provider mindset that allows all staff and patients to thrive:

  • Committed to Purpose and Play

  • Flexible and Curious

  • Graceful and Authentic
  • Self-Aware and Forgiving

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Patient-Facing Services and Programs

In addition to our Primary Care, Dental, Vision and Behavioral Health services, Legacy offers the following programs and services:

  • Adolescent Medicine

  • Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH)

  • Legacy’s Little Readers
  • Houston Methodist
  • OB2Pedi Program
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health – Patient Education
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Program
  • TeenWell