Legacy Community Health is pleased to announce the launch of Houston’s END of HIV/AIDS Campaign.

According to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy,over 50 percent of new HIV/AIDS cases are in the South.

RibbonAs of 2012, over 21,000 Houstonians were living with an HIV/AIDS diagnosis, with over 1,200 new diagnoses in 2013. In a state that overwhelmingly funds abstinence-based sex-education programs in public schools, refuses to expand Medicaid, and has the largest number of uninsured residents (19 percent, compared to 11 percent nationally), the odds are stacked against bringing these numbers down.“It has become increasingly obvious that if we want to see a reduction in HIV cases, we are going to have to take matters into our own hands,” says Venita Ray, public affairs field specialist with Legacy Community Health.

On March 29th, we are holding a two-day symposium to review and address the state of the disease locally to nationally while engaging participants to address the situation.

While the event is invitation only, we want to encourage public discussion and interest.

Please use the hashtags #Get2Zero and #HouHealth to see updates from the symposium and to converse with participants.

We will be posting more media and information for your benefit throughout the year on our progress so check back often here or on our social networks.