At-Home HIV Testing Available Through Legacy

At-home testing is free, fast, easy, and discreet, and comes with the same patient navigation you get with an in-person visit.

By Barrett White


Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no wonder that some people would rather stay home than walk into a clinic. COVID-19 isn’t the only virus out there though, and viruses don’t take turns. During this time, Legacy urges the importance of taking care of one’s health, even outside of taking pandemic precautions.

Legacy now offers at-home HIV testing kits, which are free (just like an in-person HIV test would be), offer fast results, and come with the same patient navigation that you would receive if you had your test done in person, regardless of the result of the test.

If you would rather come into a Legacy clinic in person, the choice is yours! Legacy is still offering free walk-in HIV testing in addition to the at-home HIV testing kits. Both options are similar, but each has its merits.

Walk-in HIV testing:

  • Select the Legacy clinic most convenient to you.
  • Immediate results.
  • HIV/Syphilis combo.
  • Short wait times.
  • Confidential education sessions with an HIV specialist.
  • Opportunity to see a provider the same day.
  • Resources available no matter what the results.

At-home HIV testing:

  • Taken in the privacy and discretion of your own home.
  • Results in 20 minutes.
  • Free test kit delivered in 3-5 days with free condoms.
  • No need to leave home at all.
  • Virtual, confidential education sessions with an HIV specialist.
  • Resources available no matter what the results.

Legacy makes it easy for you to take control of your sexual health. It’s your status, why shouldn’t it be on your terms?


Call Legacy Community Health at (832) 548-5221 or visit to request a clinic appointment.


Test kits are subject to availability.

Click the button to start the process for a FREE At-Home Rapid HIV test. One of Legacy’s HIV specialists will contact you shortly.