MHM Integrative Behavioral Health
10 December

Mental Health Monday: Legacy’s Integrative Behavioral Health Approach

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Family Medicine, Health News, Mental Health Mondays, OB/GYN & Maternity, Pediatrics

By Carolina Boyd It’s not unusual for most of us to turn to our primary care doctor when we get sick with a cold or hurt our backs. Now, medical doctors are becoming the first stop for mental health services–according to the National Institute of Mental Health, primary care physicians provide about half of all mental…

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Lettuce and Recalls
03 December

Is it safe yet to eat Romaine lettuce?

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Health News, Uncategorized

By Carolina Boyd Has 2018 turned into the year of eating dangerously?  This year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already investigated 22 foodborne outbreaks, including the recent E-coli investigation linked to California-grown Romaine lettuce. That’s the highest number of investigations in more than decade. The CDC says it is OK to eat…

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21 November

Millennials Are Ditching the Primary Care Doctor

Category: Adult Primary Care, Public Health

By Barrett White Millennials, the generation born roughly between the late 1980s and new millennia, are not kids anymore. As young adults however, a trend has emerged among them suggesting that many millennials without a chronic condition are opting not to stick with their family’s primary care physician. Every generation has evaded primary care in…

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Public Health Classes
13 November

Sign up for a Legacy Public Health Class

Category: Adult Primary Care, Advocacy, Diabetes, Family Medicine, Gender Health, Geriatrics, Health News, HIV/STD Screening & Treatment, LGBT, OB/GYN & Maternity, Pediatrics, Public Health

A patient who is educated about their health is the best advocate for their own care. That is why we work with individuals, health care providers and communities to improve health outcomes. We are able to accomplish this through our education classes at many of our clinics and at community locations across Southeast Texas. Here…

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MHM-Better diet Better MH
05 November

Mental Health Monday: Better Diet, Better Mental Health

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Family Medicine, Health News, Mental Health Mondays

By Sean Barrett, Registered Dietitian It’s no secret that a healthy diet is good for you but did you know it can also be good for your mental health? There is a growing evidence that the food we eat is strongly connected to our behavior and emotions.  While there is no specific diet that has…

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Blog ACA Enrollment kickoff
31 October

Legacy Community Health Kicks Off ACA Enrollment Campaign

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, Health News, Public Affairs

Legacy Community Health, the largest community health center in Texas, is launching a radio and digital advertising campaign to enroll Houstonians into the health insurance marketplace established under the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment begins November 1 and runs through December 15. Plans, which can now be previewed at, begin in January 2019. “It’s inevitable…

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MHM-Keeping Brain Sharp
29 October

Want To Keep Your Brain Sharp? Take Care of Your Eyes and Ears

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Health News, Mental Health Mondays

By Allison Aubrey, NPR Correspondent By age 40, about 1 in 10 adults will experience some hearing loss. It happens so slowly and gradually, says audiologist Dina Rollins. “You don’t realize what you’re missing.” And even as it worsens, many people are in denial. By the time someone is convinced they have a hearing problem,…

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breast cancer pink ribbon 1
04 October

Where are we in the fight against breast cancer?

Category: Adult Primary Care, Family Medicine, OB/GYN & Maternity, Public Health

By Carolina Boyd As Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks off for 2018, progress is being made in the battle against the disease. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) breast cancer related deaths in the United States dropped 39 percent between 1989 and 2015. This good news is credited to increasingly stable incidence rates, improved…

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The Ruminating Mind
01 October

Mental Health Mondays: The Ruminating Mind

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Mental Health Mondays

By Dr. Josepha Immanuel, Psychiatrist Ever had a thought stuck in your head? One that you keep obsessively turning over repeatedly in your mind? It’s called a rumination. While not all ruminations are negative, this repetitive and often toxic thought cycle can be dangerous to your mental health. Ruminations are commonly associated with mental disorders…

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MHM-Depresion and Fatigue
24 September

Mental Health Mondays: Exploring the Relation Between Depression and Fatigue

Category: Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, Exercise, Family Medicine, Health News, Mental Health Mondays

By Meg Duke, Behavioral Health Consultant, Legacy Fifth Ward Living with depression can be tough, especially when it comes with fatigue, one of the most common depression symptoms. Fatigue can disrupt a person’s day-to-day routine as well make it difficult to get depression under control. People often know what they need to do to see…

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