Dr. Chad Lemaire, Medical Director, Behavioral Health – A Physician Profile

Through Chad Lemaire’s six years at Legacy, he has seen the behavioral health department grow from five providers to more than 60. That’s due to the agency’s overall growth in recent years and to the skyrocketing demand for behavioral health services. Some would see that as a troubling sign. Lemaire

He believes the stigma around seeking treatment for mental health conditions is declining, albeit slowly. More patients are actively treating, instead of ignoring, behavioral conditions. He is the first to admit, however, that meeting the increased needs of patients seeking treatment for mental disorders remains a
monumental task.

Lemaire values working at an organization where every patient is given the same high-quality care regardless of socioeconomic status. Patients and their families express gratitude for their care. He recalls fondly the daughter of one of his formerly suicidal patients telling him, “Thank you for giving
me my mom back. You saved her life.”