Senate vote on health care bill postponed. But Harris County health care costs still projected to increase under current proposal.

By James Lee, Public Affairs

In a new report on the Senate health care proposal, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates insurance premiums could increase up to 240 percent for some Southeast Texans on marketplace plans. This comes at a time when the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the Senate bill could increase the number of uninsured by 22 million. According to the report, Harris County, already the highest number of uninsured in Texas, could see an average cost of health insurance for a 60-year old with an income of $20,000 increase by $1,910 for a silver level premium on the marketplace. Further east, in Jefferson County, adults under similar circumstances could see their premiums increase by $2,360. On average, the report found that Americans on marketplace plans, especially adults aged 55-64, would pay higher premiums than under the Affordable Care Act.