Gearing Up for Cold and Flu Season with Walk-In Appointments Available at Select Locations

By Carolina Boyd

The month of December is so closely tied to the holiday season that it’s easy to forget that it marks the start of another kind of season…the peak of cold and flu season.

Both the common cold and the flu are contagious, but cold symptoms are usually milder and usually improve within a week to 10 days. With the flu, the symptoms are much more severe and serious complications like pneumonia, bronchitis or ear infections can also develop.

This time of the year can be an especially stressful for parents. Children tend to catch a cold or the flu because they are in such close contact with other children, which causes these diseases to spread quickly. That often results in missed school days for students and time off from work for their parents.

You can help keep your kids healthy during cold and flu season by making sure they wash their hands frequently, get a flu shot, cough or sneeze into their elbow, as well as drinking more water and getting a good night’s sleep.

If you think your child may have the flu, or a bad cold, it’s important they get medical care as soon as possible. We’re ready to get kids back on the road to health. We are now offering pediatric same day appointments and walk-in sick visits at only our Montrose, Santa Clara, Lyons and Southwest (High Star) Houston clinics.

“This is a big help for parents of a sick children,” said Dr. Tamisha Jones, Legacy Medical Director of Pediatrics. “Most parents work so same day availability gives families more opportunity to get the care they need.”