International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Day

Lactation Consultants - Houston TX

By Carolina Boyd, Communications Associate

Today, Wednesday, March 1, 2022, is International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants Day. This annual global event highlights the services lactation consultants provide to expecting parents. A lactation consultant is a certified health professional who specializes in breastfeeding/chest feeding issues. They are trained to help parents and infants with feeding concerns and problems that arise after a baby is born.

Yanett Hodgson has been Legacy Community Health’s Lactation Consultant for eight years. Located in our Southwest Clinic at 6441 High Star, she has guided pregnant and postpartum patients through the feeding challenges that can arise.

“Patients often come to me with concerns about insufficient milk supply during breastfeeding,” said Hodgson. “Many times, it is because of improper technique. Issues like difficulty latching, sore nipples or pain are not uncommon.”

Legacy Community Health strives to create an environment where natural feeding is encouraged as well as supported. In addition to lactation assistance, free classes are available at most of our clinics to assist pregnant and postpartum patients.

“When lactation problems are treated early on, it can lead to successful breastfeeding for parent and child. I give them the support they need to feel confident,” said Hodgson.

If you have any questions feeding your baby or are interested in scheduling an appointment with our lactation specialist, talk to your Legacy provider to get a referral. Walk-ins are also available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 3pm at Legacy’s Southwest Clinic.