Legacy helps Beaumont patient beat cancer

By Sharmeen Virani

It was years before Sherry Murphy realized something was wrong. A sore on her right arm wouldn’t go away.

Murphy visited numerous health care providers all over Southeast Texas. Each time, she was told her case couldn’t be handled without insurance, leaving Sherry frustrated with the system and worried about her health.

Murphy’s daughter, a longtime supporter of Legacy, reached out to Legacy’s Beaumont clinic. Within the week, Murphy got an appointment with Dr. Kimberlie Gonzalez who knew instantly that something was wrong. Dr. Gonzalez quickly diagnosed Murphy’s sore as a basal cell carcinoma — a malignant cancer — and immediately brought her back in to remove it, leaving her cancer free.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Legacy serves as a safety net for patients like Murphy who don’t have insurance. As she returns to spending her precious afternoons with her five grandchildren, Murphy recounts one thing she is grateful for.

“She [Dr. Gonzalez] saved my life. They have good people at Legacy. They’ll treat you with the dignity and kindness you deserve, and that’s something you won’t find everywhere.”