Lonely on Valentine’s Day?

By Ashley Guidry

If you’re living the single life and don’t have a partner to keep you company, expand your options! Spend Cupid’s holiday your way!

According to the Census Bureau, about 50% of adults are single in the U.S. That’s about 126.9 million people who are unmarried. When Valentine’s Day rolls around most singles are prepared to celebrate with dread. Valentine’s Day depression is a thing. The awkwardness of being alone and having unrealistic expectations on such a romance-focused holiday is tiresome. It can also encourage unhealthy thinking patterns and make singles feel insecure. Although it’s easier said than done, ignore society’s pressure on celebrating Valentine’s Day the “right way”. The best way to alleviate pain on Valentine’s Day is by spending time with people who care about you, whether romantically or not. Friendships are equally important as romantic ones.

Here are some fun suggestions on what you can do:

Cooking Classes
Whether online or in-person, there’s always a cooking class going on in your city. It’s up to you and your friend to decide what exactly you want to cook since each class meal can be different.

Take the time to eat out and chat with your besties. Check out your local café or restaurant and indulge in delicious food.

Game Night
Board games or card games are great ways to keep the energy going! Board games specifically are a great way to unplug and build your relationships.

Spa Day
Not only is a spa day good for your own physical and mental well-being, but it is also a wonderful way to unwind with your friends. Trips to the spa are always optional. But make it more fun by building your own at home.

Tea Party
Cute, fun, and sweet! Add treats of all kinds to your table and even dress up for the occasion. Tea Parties are supposed to be fancy, so decorate your place a little!

See what’s going on in your town
This Sunday, Legacy will host a Galentine’s Day Event on Sunday, February 12th starting at 6 pm. Feel free to RSVP using the link here.

Your time with friends doesn’t have to be anything expensive, think outside the box! But overall, remember you’re not alone. Love and treat yourself to a good time out this Valentine’s Day.