October 12 – 19 is National Health Center Week

By Barrett White

The upcoming legislative session is a doozy—and we’re prepared to help our communities through it, no matter the outcome. With Texas going up against the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), it is our most vulnerable communities who stand to be affected the most. It is for that reason that we are committed to treat every person who walks through our doors with open arms and absolutely zero judgment, regardless of ability to pay. We always have, and always will.

With our no-judgment environment, we strive to create an atmosphere where anyone feels welcome. We have clinics all across the Houston area, where a need for health center access is greatest. From Montrose to Deer Park, and Southwest Houston to Fifth Ward, our diverse staff of community-recognized physicians provide adult primary care, pediatrics, dental care, vision services, behavioral health services, OB/GYN and maternity, vaccinations and immunizations, health promotion and community outreach, wellness and nutrition, and comprehensive HIV/AIDS care.

By treating our patients with dignity and assurance in our state-of-the-art clinic facilities, we reduce emergency room overcrowding and wait times by keeping non-emergency issues out of the ER. Most importantly, we provide the care that our community needs, right in their own neighborhood.

Legacy is proud to be the leader in Texas community health. We look forward to treating you, no matter who you are.