Telemedicine Expected to Bring Ease of Care

By Barrett White

Anything you could possibly want can be obtained at the push of a button these days. In an age where digital gratification has permeated nearly every market, why not health care? You can order food from your phone, check your bank statements,  and video chat with friends and family across the globe. Thanks to telemedicine , you will also be able to access reliable, secure health care over the phone as well. Telemedicine brings the comforting care of the doctor’s office to you by connecting you with your physician over the phone, or by audiovisual connection, such as a video chat.

In many parts of the country, transportation to a doctor can be a real problem. In rural areas, or even urban ones with poor infrastructure, it can be difficult for elderly or low-income patients to access reliable care. For some, once they have made it to the clinic, they’re met with horrendous wait times. “Transportation is a key barrier to patients seeking preventative health care, and telemedicine meets the patients where they are,” says Lindsay Lanagan, the Senior Manager of Public Policy & Government Relations for Legacy Community Health.

It can be offered in the comfort of the patient’s home through remote patient monitoring, at nearby sites of service using patient presenters, or through telehealth services on a smart phone. It is the future when health care entities consider how to offer convenient and affordable healthcare.

“Although telemedicine is often talked about as a solution for rural geographies, it is also incredibly important for urban communities,” Lanagan adds.

For Texans, the reality is telemedicine is in sight. Legacy looks forward to advocating for expanded use of telemedicine during the next Texas legislative session to make access of care easier for everyone.