The Texas Legislature is now open for official business

Legacy Community Health Policy Agenda

By Barrett White


Both inside and outside the halls of government, Legacy’s public affairs practice moves public policy at the state and federal levels to improve the lives of the patients and communities we serve. Today marks the beginning of the 86th Texas legislature—this session, Legacy will be tackling topics at the state and federal level that would drive healthy change in southeast Texas.

Our top state priorities this year include

  • Funding for behavioral health providers in schools. Based on scientific research and the experience from Legacy’s 20 school-based clinics, behavioral health therapy inside schools is a proactive approach to creating a safer environment for all students and school personnel.
  • Telemedicine. In urban and rural areas, it can be difficult for elderly or low-income patients to access reliable care. Telemedicine, which is consultation with a health care provider over the internet, can be offered in the comfort of the patient’s home, reducing barriers to care.
  • HIV. Harris County has the highest rate of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Texas, so prevention and treatment of the disease is a Legacy priority. We will be looking to fully fund the Texas HIV Medication Program that provides lifesaving drugs and to fund HIV prevention statewide.
  • Women’s health. Increasing access to women’s health care and promoting healthy pregnancies is a top priority for our team. Our team will focus on policies to reduce maternal mortality – which is acute among African-American women, funding for comprehensive prenatal care, family planning, and postpartum services.
  • Non-discrimination. Legacy will aim to defeat harmful discriminatory legislation that targets LGBTQ populations.

Take action with us to get involved in positive change.

You can join us in Austin at Legacy Day at the Capitol by signing up here.