Understanding Medicine Management

Medications are a part of ageing. But management of medications doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating.

By Barrett White


Medication management is the practice of properly administering medications to a patient or to oneself. In some instances, a caregiver will administer medications to a patient or a resident in a senior living facility. Other times, a patient or senior will administer their own medications in their home.

As you age, it is normal to take several medications to sustain yourself as you age. Perhaps you are taking medications for blood pressure, bone density, and cholesterol. If these medications are not taken at the proper times and in the prescribed doses, your health could be negatively impacted.

According to research, patients’ non-adherence to medicine management is a bigger problem than many may realize.

  • It is estimated that on average, 50% of patients in the U.S. do not take their medications correctly.
  • Nearly a third of patient fall out of care between the doctor visit and the pharmacy, and never fill their first prescription at all.
  • Due to incorrect medicine management, an average of 700,000 people experience adverse reactions to their medications that land them in the emergency room.

Proper medication management drastically improves the quality of life for geriatric adults and others who take chronic medicines. Some of these effects may be:

  • The patient is able to meet their health care goals.
  • Reduced side effects and drug interactions, of all medications and comorbidities.
  • Decreased medical costs (fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations due to incorrect dosing or neglecting to take prescribed medications).

To ensure that proper dosing is achieved, some caregivers or independent seniors elect to employ tools like timers, apps, or a good old fashioned pill box. Some effective tools for taking control of your or a family member’s medications may be:

  • MediSafe. This medication management app is considered best in the business for its sleek design and user-friendly interface.
  • Mango Health. In addition to medication management, Mango Health also sends reminders to drink water and check your blood pressure.
  • Pill Reminder All in One. This app allows the user to track their medications and even email updates directly to their doctor from the app.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the medications prescribed for your health concerns, discuss options for proper medication management with your doctor or pharmacy. Legacy pharmacies have pharmacists trained to provide adherence counseling.  Please visit a Legacy Pharmacy or call (713) 665-8800.