Woman gets pregnant after multiple miscarriages

By India Ogazi

After three miscarriages, Keyla Miguel, 34, was told she may not be able to have another child. And doctors said that if she did become pregnant she would be considered critical and have to be put on bed rest. But then she came to Legacy’s Southwest Clinic.

“When Keyla and her husband came to see me they were anxious,” says Legacy OB-GYN Dr. Sophia Burns. Due to her medical history, Burns placed Keyla on a baby-aspirin regimen and told her how to adjust her diet and modify her work duties. As a result, Keyla had no complications during her pregnancy and never needed bed rest. She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy, 9-pound, 23-inches little girl named Alexie.

“Her experience [with Legacy] was excellent,” explains Keyla’s husband Alex. “Everybody was so nice and took the time to explain things to her. She was treated like she was at home.”

Keyla, who only speaks Spanish, was welcomed by the fact that Burns is bilingual. For Spanish-speaking patients, having a health care provider who speaks their language can be critical to their health. It’s an example of how Legacy strives to adapt to the individual needs of the diverse communities it serves.

Keyla’s Medicaid has expired, but she wants to continue to receive care at Legacy. The good news is she can because Legacy provides affordable care for the underinsured and uninsured. News that is music to Keyla’s ears.