Obamacare Saves Life of Legacy Patient with Breast Cancer

A good read on the benefits – and future of the Affordable Care Act — from the Houston Chronicle

This article originally appeared in the Houston Chronicle on January 24, 2017

“Beverly Bryant believes the ACA [Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare] saved her life. The 64-year-old worked for two decades for the plant company that gave her insurance. When she hurt her knee and had to quit, she lost her insurance, too. She missed the enrollment deadline for 2014, so she went an entire year doing without.

‘I was praying, please don’t let anything happen,’ she remembered. She signed up quickly for 2015 and got a plan that cost $60 after a $500 subsidy. She made an appointment for a checkup at Legacy Community Health, and there her doctor found an aggressive form of breast cancer.

She had her right breast removed in late 2015 and a series of reconstructive surgeries in 2016. The early Medicare she applied for two years ago has now come through, but she worries others might fall into the uninsured ranks like she did.”

Photo Credit: Melissa Phillip, Houston Chronicle