Time to Schedule Your Child’s Back-To-School Checkup

The lazy days of summer will soon give way to the hustle and bustle of back-to-school. Before your child returns to class, now is a good time to bring him or her in for an annual wellness exam and/or sports physical.

These back-to-school checkups are often the only time most children and teens visit their pediatrician. These visits help doctors find any potential health problems as well as update their medical records for recent illnesses or immunizations.

During a well-child exam, vision and hearing are checked in children ages three and older. Doctors check vitals, which include height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate, to make sure everything is normal. Diet, exercise, school, development and anything that is relevant to the growth and well-being of the child is also discussed.

If your child is planning to participate in school sports, chances are they will need to get and pass an a sports physical. Annual sports physicals (or pre-participation exams) are often required for any student who wants to participate in school sports. The exams can also be a good idea for students participating in some extracurricular activities.

“The main purpose of the sports physical is to rule out the risk of serious injury or death that may have been avoided if not for screening. We work to make sure a child is safely able to participate in sports,” said Dr. Tamisha Jones, medical director of pediatrics at Legacy Community Health.

Legacy offers both well-child exams and sports physicals at eleven different locations across Houston, Baytown, Beaumont and Deer Park, many with extended and weekend hours for busy parents. Parents can schedule their child’s well visit and sports physicals for the same visit. In addition, if your child suffers a sports injury during the school year, Legacy now has a pediatric sports medicine doctor to help your child with their recovery. Plus, Legacy accepts most health insurance plans including HMO/PPOs, Medicaid and CHIP, and other programs to lower the cost of health care services.

Contact Legacy to learn more about scheduling your child’s sport physical and back-to-school exams. Call 832-548-5000 to make an appointment today.