Legacy is still your home for medical care.

There is much confusion in these times, but Legacy wants you to know that you’re still welcome.

By Barrett White


With all of the confusion around who is allowed to leave the home, and where you’re allowed to leave it to, and who is even open anyway – Legacy reminds you that we are still here for you. One thing that hasn’t changed in the last few weeks is that Legacy is still your home for high-quality medical care in Southeast Texas.

Which sites are still open?

Most Legacy clinics are open and operational as normal. Branard Street and Baker-Ripley are closed at this time, and Deer Park is accepting virtual appointments only. Patients looking to make an appointment, or wondering if they should keep an existing appointment, are welcome to call Legacy’s main line.

Hours of operation have been adjusted. For the Legacy phone numbers and hours of operation, please visit our Locations page.

No matter if you’re coming in for pediatrics, behavioral health, geriatrics – you name it. We’re still here.

Is your pharmacy open, or do I need to fill prescriptions elsewhere for now?

Both Legacy pharmacies, Montrose and Fifth Ward, are still open. If you would like to come inside to speak with a Legacy pharmacist, that is totally acceptable. We also continue to offer curbside pick-up.

Additionally, Legacy pharmacy now delivers to you!

I have immigration concerns. I would rather not leave the house right now.

Legacy understands and sympathizes with this concern. Testing and treatment for COVID-19 does not count toward the “public charge” ruling, a decision made while America handles the pandemic. This leaves the option for all residents regardless of their citizenship status to access medical care. Legacy believes that health care is a human right. All patients are safe within our walls.

I would rather not leave my home, but my child needs to fill an appointment.

With the stay-at-home order, Legacy understands the hesitation to leave the house that people are feeling, even for necessary reasons. Legacy reminds you, this does not mean that you need to forego checkups and appointments! Legacy is now offering pediatric telehealth and telemedicine services, including sick child visits and behavioral health.

“This is a difficult time for everyone, and that includes children,” says Dr. Melanie Melville, Medical Director of the Behavioral Health program at Legacy. “As we turn to social distancing to quell the spread of this unprecedented virus, we at Legacy want to proactively work to ensure that our most vulnerable populations have continued access to equitable care – including behavioral health care for children.”

Pediatric therapy appointments are available to assist pediatric patients with anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems. Appointments are available in both English and Spanish. Pediatric patients of all ages will need access to either a smartphone or computer, which will allow them to communicate with Legacy’s licensed and professional counselors and therapists online via video chat.


For more information on Legacy’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please see our landing page.