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Mental Health Mondays: Study Finds Link Between Heavy Social Media & ADHD

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a statistically significant link between frequent social media use and Attention-Deficit/Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD).

Mental Health Mondays: Stigma no more.

“Mental health should be seen like any other health condition, like diabetes or hypertension,” says Dr. Chad Lemaire, Legacy’s medical director of behavioral health.

Mental Health Mondays: Mindfulness Explained

Watch Legacy Community Health therapist, Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez, explain mindfulness, its stress-relieving benefits and how to do it. Ortiz-Rodriguez runs a mindfulness group therapy session at Legacy.

Mental Health Mondays: Social Worker Helps Teen’s Behavioral Health

“This is where we come in,” says Licensed Clinical Social Worker Maria Webb. “We treat the needs that exist outside of the doctor’s visit.”

Care for Caregivers on World Autism Day

World Autism Day: Caregiver Advise

By Dr. Dana Kober, Psychiatrist It’s World Autism Awareness Day. And while many are focused on bringing more awareness to the condition, I’d like to take this time to draw attention to those caring for those with autism – the caregivers. Caring for children with autism can be quite stressful. Studies have shown caregivers of …

Mental Health Mondays: I think I’m OCD

I think I'm OCD

By Betsy Vasquez, Therapist Houston’s Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale’s daughter, Elizabeth, had such an extreme case of obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, that she would wash her hands, repeatedly, until they became raw. Thankfully, she sought treatment and is now a public advocate for OCD and other mental disorders. Due to public advocates like …

Mental Health Mondays: Change Your Thinking

Watch Legacy Therapist, Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez, explain how to change negative thought patterns to improve your life, in three easy steps.

Mental Health Mondays: How to Keep Your Cool

Legacy’s Director of Therapy Services, Roma Bhatt, explains how to keep your cool with her top five anger-management tips. Watch this video to learn more.

Mental Health Mondays – Don’t Give Up: 4 Ways to Stay Grounded in Behavioral Health Care

As a behavioral health consultant at Legacy’s Montrose clinic, I often am referred patients that are in crisis. A behavioral health crisis is a state of temporary distress, which can be caused by psychological burnout, sleep deprivation, severe over work, traumatic events or an untreated mental health disorder. An untreated mental health disorder in combination with chronic health issues, relationship problems, grief or a change in housing or job status can be burdensome and lead to an inability to function.