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Where are we in the fight against breast cancer?

By Carolina Boyd As Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks off for 2018, progress is being made in the battle against the disease. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) breast cancer related deaths in the United States dropped 39 percent between 1989 and 2015. This good news is credited to increasingly stable incidence rates, improved …

Mental Health Mondays: The Ruminating Mind

By Dr. Josepha Immanuel, Psychiatrist Ever had a thought stuck in your head? One that you keep obsessively turning over repeatedly in your mind? It’s called a rumination. While not all ruminations are negative, this repetitive and often toxic thought cycle can be dangerous to your mental health. Ruminations are commonly associated with mental disorders …

Mental Health Mondays: Exploring the Relation Between Depression and Fatigue

By Meg Duke, Behavioral Health Consultant, Legacy Fifth Ward Living with depression can be tough, especially when it comes with fatigue, one of the most common depression symptoms. Fatigue can disrupt a person’s day-to-day routine as well make it difficult to get depression under control. People often know what they need to do to see …

Mental Health Mondays: The Pet Effect

After a long day at work, nothing compares to the joyful feeling of coming home to your dog or cat. But the love of a furry friend can do more than just provide company. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, owning a pet is good for your overall health.

September is Prostate Health Month—Are You Prepared?

As men approach their 50th birthday, the dreaded landmark looms ahead: The prostate exam. The exam might be the butt of plenty of jokes for middle-aged men, the importance of it is no laughing matter.

Telemedicine Expected to Bring Ease of Care

By Barrett White Anything you could possibly want can be obtained at the push of a button these days. In an age where digital gratification has permeated nearly every market, why not health care? You can order food from your phone, check your bank statements,  and video chat with friends and family across the globe. …

PSA: “The Voice in Your Head”

Watch our new PSA and accompanying longer video to see what intimate partner violence is and how to stop it.

Get Your Zzzz’s: The Role of Sleep in Mental Health

About a third of all Americans get less than the recommended seven hours or more of sleep a night. While an occasional bout of sleeplessness may not be anything to worry about, chronic sleep problems have been linked to many mental health issues including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

American Cancer Society and the Houston Texans Award $100,000 Grant to Legacy Community Health to Help Reduce Breast Cancer Disparities

The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Houston Texans has awarded a grant to Legacy Community Health to address disparities in breast cancer mortality by providing access to breast cancer screening, follow-up of abnormal mammograms, and timely access to specialty care if needed. The grant funding was made possible through ACS’s partnership with the NFL …