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What to expect during Perimenopause

By Carolina Boyd Women know that at some point in their lives their menstrual periods will come to an end. This is known as menopause and it marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years. However, there is another transitional time—leading up to menopause—called perimenopause that will bring rapid changes to their bodies. On average, […]

Is it a lapse in memory, or cognitive impairment? Recognizing the signs as you age

By Barrett White Forgetfulness is a normal sign of ageing and can happen to anyone. But what happens when the problem is actually something more than that?   Everyone forgets things – I’ve left my own wallet at home more times than I can count. This is normal behavior, annoying as it can be. Everyone […]

The impact of sleep issues on a woman’s health

By Carolina Boyd Sleepless nights are all too common for the estimated 40 million Americans who suffer from sleep disorders. It is an especially difficult situation for women who, according to the National Sleep Foundation, are more likely than men to struggle with sleep. Hormonal changes during menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause affect how well […]

Invisible Women: A Legacy of Lesbian Health

By Barrett White Though lesbian women have largely the same health concerns as their heterosexual counterparts, there are notable differences in the communities which often go overlooked in mainstream health care.   In many ways, lesbian women have the same healthcare needs as any woman, regardless of sexuality; however, unlike straight women, they are at […]

Build Your Body: Legacy’s Felicia Lee-Sexton on Building Confidence

People living with HIV may find it difficult to keep muscle mass. Transgender individuals often look to build a physique to match their gender. Enter Legacy’s Body Positive program. By Barrett White   For those living with HIV and struggling with wasting, or those in transition who are looking to form their bodies to match […]

Legacy Connecting Fifth Ward Community with Care at June 15th Health Fest

Houston’s historic Fifth Ward neighborhood will be the hot spot for the upcoming Legacy Community Health Fest, an event that will focus on the importance of health care in this traditionally underserved community.  The free community-wide event features Keisha Nicole and the 97.9 The Box Team, and a special performance by the Atherton Elementary Drumline. […]

Lessons learned along the journey from discovery to recovery

Legacy Community Health’s Wellness Manager Felicia Lee-Sexton overcame a cocaine addiction to become a world-renowned fitness expert and award-winning body builder. Now she utilizes her experience to help Legacy patients with diabetes, eating disorders, HIV and gender care needs at our Body Positive Wellness Center—a free service for our patients. If you’re a Legacy patient […]

Vaccine Before Vacation: Staying healthy this summer

By Barrett White My family didn’t travel much when I was a child, we simply couldn’t afford it. But when we could afford a weekend adventure away from home, we would pile in the car and drive out to New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. We never worried much about travel vaccinations, because these […]

Summer’s Coming—Is Your Skin Ready?

By Barrett White The temperature in Houston has been pushing 80 degrees the past couple of weekends and pollen is officially blanketing every outdoor flat surface in sight. Spring is here—but knowing Houston weather, this means summer is not far behind. As the sun-lovers emerge from their homes and make their way to the plethora […]

Keeping an eye on Pink Eye

By Carolina Boyd Pink eye is one of the most common childhood illnesses. Also known as conjunctivitis, it can affect adults, as well. Pink eye is an inflammation of the thin clear tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid, as well as the white part of the eyeball. The inflammation caused by this condition […]